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It all started in 2003, I was working 10 hour days at my job, my two dogs were home alone with nothing to do; no exercise, no love, no companionship; and when I came home from a long hard day of work, I took them for walks, we played in the yard, but even that was not enough exercise for mydogs (but I sure was tired!).

That started me thinking, that there had to be other dog owners who were experiencing the same thing. So I started a doggy daycare for my two dogs! Since that time, we've grown to become the most trusted doggy daycare in the Greater Cleveland area. 90% of our clients are referrals from friends, family, neighbors, co-workers… Why? Because we treat your dog as if it were our dog. That's what I wanted for my big goofy black lab dogs, 10 + years ago; a caring, loving staff that supervises the dogs at play, with a clean, healthy environment and a daycare ownerthat is actively engaged with the staff and clients on a daily basis.

DogTropolis is a medium size indoor/outdoor facility and we take a limited amount of pre-screened dogs so we can give each dog the love and attention they deserve. You're not a number here! We know every dog by name, every owner by their first name. We tell you how your dog did everyday at pick up, we call you whenyour dog is sick or even if they are having a bad day, we're happy to feed your dog if your bring him/her lunch or they have a special diet while at daycare, we'll giveyour dog their meds if they need them while at daycare (we don't charge for either of these services, because it's just the proper way to care of your dog). We want you to trust us with your dog and leave the facility each day knowing that we care for them as if they were our own. It's really that simple for us.

We love what we do here at Dogtropolis and we're pretty sure it shows. If you have ever considered enrolling your dog in daycare or needed to board your dogovernight, give us the opportunity to show you what a great place DogTropolis can be for your best friend!

My three dogs are part of the family, they deserve the best of everything, and I bet you feel the same way too!- Connie Karlowicz, Owner of DogTropolis

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